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大飞机 Big Plane / 2018 /  剪纸Installation-Papercut or Aluminum alloy / 尺寸可变






A piece of screen / 2017-2018 / video / 8’50″minutes

1) Single-channel recording, 8’50″, 2018  Random display of both black & white film

2) Multi-channel device.a device with 6+6 channels, time loop, 2014 Combined display of both black & white film

Film is a piece of canvas. Centuries of the history of film isn’t more than forming and illustrating stories of love & hatred.Film was born in 1895.’FilM’ is a collection of 1895 pieces of film sceneries and audio tracks. 1895 images add up layer by layer to a pure black canvas. 1895 images get together to a pure white canvas through light and shadow. All the images are smoothed to a flat which concentrates the techniques and contents illustrated by film industry and art. The actions shown on canvas presents the essence of the film. If we don’t repeat the history of film, does there left an other way to go? The canvas tries to reply!





tell me your Dream on july 4 / 2010 / video / 18’20″minutes
Ten years ago in Shanghai, my lens focused on the flag – the red flag.
10 years later in New York, my lens focuses on the flag- the U.S. Stars and Stripes.
The interpretation of the two works will come from the viewers because the viewers in two different countries are different and will have different responses to the works.




A PUfF of WiNd / video /10’25″mins /2007
The truth floats from the sky, and the fallacy also floats from the sky. I don’t know this world, but the time lets me understand — a puff of wind.


Cornland / video / 10′mins / 2006
When I was young, all those people, emotions, things and affairs in my mind.



Water 1 / video /19’45″mins /2006



Dreamlike / video / 9’20″mins / 2005
The life is but a dream’s mind soliloquy. Human life is such as the drama’s genuine feeling parable.


ANIMALs FIERCE / three screens’ video / 6’45″mins / 2003
This world who provoke who? Who fear who? Who chase who? Who eat who? Who kill who? Who need who? Who love who?

A Chair / video / 3′mins / 2000
How you can destroy a chair and then reassemble it.